Club Fitting

We are a boutique custom club fitting experience dedicated to customer service and putting the best performing set of clubs in your hands!  If your main priority is price-point shopping for last years models, we are not for you.  We only work with current year models and on these our prices are very competitive with the big box stores.  Our fitting and brand knowledge has taken years to gain the experience needed to take care of our clients looking for the best fitted clubs.

We offer personally fitted, brand name, factory ordered golf equipment.  The fittings are performed outdoors with the aid of a FlightScope launch monitor. Being outdoors ensures a good fit as full ball flight analysis is performed in conjunction with launch monitor electronic data capture.  As well we are able to refer our clients to the onsite golf academy for instruction by CPGA golf professionals to further enhance their golfing experience.  In all cases the clubs each individual purchases from Leading Edge Golf are factory ordered to their specifications.

We do not allow demoing clubs.  There has been too much damage to our clubs and then we have nothing to fit our loyal customers with until we are able to replace the broken club.

Our Fitting Process

We firmly believe outdoor fitting is far superior compared to fitting by just numbers.  Without seeing the ballflight you have no idea what is actually going on.  Most times indoor fitting put a large importance on spinrate.  They eventually fit a golfer with such a stiff shaft, trying to get the spinrate down, that by the time the golfer hits their clubs outside they have no trajectory or height.  In a driver this will cause no height and a huge loss of distance.  In their irons this will cause no height with a descending landing angle that will not be able to have enough yardage to carry a bunker or water.  If they ARE able to carry the hazard they usually don’t have enough height to hold the green.

We perform fittings for Drivers, Woods, Irons, Wedges, and Putters.  Anything from correct distance gapping to wedge configurations.