Robert Penner

Robert Penner

- PING Regional Fitter of the Year 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016

- Level 2 Certified K-Vest Professional

- Certified FlightScope Professional Teacher

Robert has been working at Ted & Dave Custom Golf since 2012. He first met Ted and Linda in 1998 and started mentoring under Ted soon after. He has been researching the interaction between the Golfer and the Equipment for years to best fit the golfer as an individual and their own swing characteristics. His own club fitting experience (3000 fittings) and working with the OEM Reps and Manufacturers has given him an advantage in custom club fitting. Access to their engineers and scientists have given him truths about what are “myths” and what is “fact” in the golf swing and equipment. This knowledge transfers to a better fit for his customer.

Robert has an extensive mechanical background. Before joining Ted & Dave he advanced to Senior Technician status at Ford and specialized in driveablility where there was a great need to understand “cause and effect.” His passion to understand what the actual root cause of an issue directly transfers to his approach to the the golf swing.

He spent time in the automotive performance arena specializing in high performance vehicles and how to make them perform at their ultimate power and efficiency. Running a chassis dyno and knowing what the power graphs meant was surprisingly like understanding a Golfers Kinetic/Kinematic sequence, and how to make them perform better.

Robert also understands the “soft side” of golf – the Art of the swing, and how every Golfer is different. He believes there is a marriage between the Art and the Science. Making them work together is where Robert’s passion for golf lies.

Kael Clark

Kael Clark

Kael joined Ted & Dave Custom Golf after having worked at the Golf Canada Calgary Centre for the past three years. During his time with Golf Canada Kael took on numerous roles including Jr League Coordinator and Shop Supervisor.

Kael received his Candidate for Membership status through the PGA of Alberta this past summer and looks to begin teaching in the near future.

Prior to joining Ted & Dave Custom Golf, Kael attended The Golf Academy of America where he excelled in his Club Fitting and Club Building classes. Upon graduating he received a club fitting certificate through the custom club company Henry-Griffitts.

In his spare time, Kael is constantly reading up on the latest products, club fitting and swing techniques in order to further his knowledge and improve his skills.

Kael believes that with a properly fitted set of clubs and some instruction of how the golf swing works, players will be playing their best golf ever.

Mark Harris

Mark joined Ted and Dave’s during the summer of 2020 when he decided to pursue his passion in the golf industry. He enjoys all facets of golf and has a particular interest for researching new equipment and the relationship between technology and the golfer. He is constantly staying up to date on the latest releases and tech improvements offered by the OEMs. Mark has immersed himself in the shop and has become one of the lead fitters on staff. Not only is he well versed in the fitting aspects of the business he is also heavily involved in club building/repairs portion. Mark also looks after the social media for the company and enjoys the creativity behind the equipment photos and posts. He has helped grow the social media platforms over his time with our company.

Spending most of his career in project management, Mark has developed professional skills in organization as well as customer relationships. He believes a positive relationship between the customer and the business is of upmost importance and strives to make sure those values are upheld.

Leighton McRae

Leighton McRae

Leighton first joined Ted & Dave Custom Golf in 2021 and has returned for the 2022 season. He came to Ted & Dave’s after deciding to seek a career change from the automotive industry. Leighton grew up in the Calgary area where he started playing golf at a young age. His passion for the game remains as when he isn’t changing grips and repairing clubs he plays as much as he can in the summer at his home course in Nanton.