Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Are you more expensive than the big box stores?

    A:  We only sell current year club models and on those our prices are very competitive with the big box stores.  In fact, we can often save our customers money in that we sell by the club as opposed to the 8 piece sets that the big box stores sell.  Since many players choose to substitute some of their longer irons for hybrids or utility irons, shopping with Ted & Dave Custom Golf means you can avoid accumulating clubs that you won’t be using.  Additionally, since we order our clubs directly from the factory for you we are able to offer far more customization options than the big box stores can.  Finally, our knowledge of and experience in club fitting is simply second to none meaning our customers get the very best fit possible.

    We firmly believe that given the extensive customization options we offer as well as our knowledge of club fitting the value the customer receives from shopping at Ted & Dave Custom Golf is unparalleled.

  • Q: Is there a cost for custom fitting?

    A:   We charge $50 per half hour of fitting time.

  • Q: Do you take trade ins?

    A:  Yes we do.  We have recently starting working with a partner to provide a trade in service to our customers when purchasing new clubs with us.  Bring in your old clubs and we will look them up in our partner’s catalog.  If you are comfortable with the value (our partner sets the value and we are not able to negotiate it) then we will take your old clubs and apply the value to your new ones.  The following terms also apply:

    The following club attributes may be subject to lower trade-in or salvage values.

    – Iron sets must be sequential and include a 6 iron and a Pitching Wedge (6,7,8,9, PW minimum standard 5 piece set)
    – Demo clubs having “Demo” or “No Warranty” or club specs etched or permanently affixed to the club head.
    – Clubs whose playability is affected by damage / abuse / excessive wear / or non factory modifications.

  • Q: I already have a set of clubs that I wasn’t fit for. Can you fit me and make adjustments to them?

    A:  Absolutely.  There would be a fee for the fitting time ($50/half hour or $100/hour) and potentially for any changes that would need to be made (loft/lie bending, shaft extensions, etc).

  • Q: How long is a fitting session?

    A:  Fittings for Drivers/Woods take between 45 minutes and an hour.  Fitting for Irons and Wedges also take between 45 minutes and an hour.  If you are looking for Drivers/Woods as well as Irons/Wedges we recommend doing two separate sessions.  We find that anything beyond an hour of fitting time becomes counterproductive as the golfer begins to get tired and loses club head speed and consistency.

    Putter fittings take approximately half an hour.

  • Q: What should I bring to a fitting session?

    A:  You should bring your current set of clubs, wear golf or running shoes, and dress in attire that you are comfortable playing/practicing golf in. 

  • Q: Do you sell previous model year clubs?

    A:  Since we order our clubs directly from the factory for our customers based on their individual specifications, we are not able to offer previous model year clubs.

  • Q: Who should get custom fit for clubs?

    A:  Any player would see an advantage by being custom fit.  In fact, a higher handicap player who gets fit would generally expect to see greater improvement from a custom fitting than a scratch player.

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Note: We do not take fitting appointments over email. Please call us at 403-640-0082 to book a fitting. Thanks!