Leading Edge Golf Weekly Roundup – 4/22

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The Tour roundup portion of this newsletter is getting repetitive.  Something something Scottie and Nelly win again something something.  Greatness, etc.  To a certain extent, the same player winning each week is a little, dare I say, boring.  But this is what a run of elite, elite golf looks like in the moment.  Nelly and Scottie are inevitable and that doesn’t make for great competition but it does make history.  While they both lack the burning intensity of a young Tiger, the last player to go on a run anything like either of these, the level of play is similar.  Embrace it and enjoy.

How is your golf season going?  It was a little windy this weekend but golf is golf and we hope you were able to get out and play.  Maybe you’ve noticed there’s a gap in your bag, perhaps between your longest iron and shortest wood?  One way miss with your driver you can’t correct?  How are your wedges spinning?  Grips nice and tacky?  Early in the year is a great time to address any of these issues as you’ve had a chance to assess the problem but there is plenty of season left to get enjoy a new club or tweaked set up.  Get your fitting appointment now!

Featured Service

Loft/Lie Charting and Bending

When you are fit for clubs at Leading Edge Golf we custom fit the loft and lie angles in your irons and wedges to optimize your game.  Simply playing golf, hitting balls on the range (especially off of mats), or the occasional club slam after a bad shot can cause those angles to come out of spec over time.  If one of your irons seems to be going shorter or longer than those around it the loft may simply be out.  A loft and lie check is a great idea at the beginning of your season to make sure everything is dialled in as it’s supposed to be.  For just $20 we will chart the lofts and lies of your iron set and check them against specs.  If we find loft or lie to be out of spec, for $9/club we will bend them back to where they should be.  A lot of golfers ignore this simple process and it can make a huge difference in your game.  Come down to Leading Edge Golf and get dialled in for the 2024 season!

Hit the Links!

Colin Morikawa blew up his bag this week, making several significant equipment changes after his solid showing at Augusta.

Jim Nantz is gonna want a mulligan after congratulating “Kelly Norda” for her fifth straight win during the RBC Heritage broadcast.

Justin Thomas and Dottie Pepper are NOT fans of Scottie Scheffler playing high numbered golf balls.  Further proof that golf is a normal sport played by normal people.

Thanks for reading, see you next week!