Callaway Epic Hybrids and Epic/Epic Pro Irons

The GBB Epic and Subzero Drivers and Fairway Woods have been rather popular since their launch earlier this year and now Callaway is adding to the product line with the release of Epic Hybrids as well as Epic and Epic Pro Irons.  Callaway spent a significant amount of time and energy – several years and 70 engineers –  in developing the Epic Irons and we’re excited to see how these clubs work for our customers.  In addition to expanding on the Epic line, the Epic and Epic Pro Irons represent a foray into the “luxury” club market as they include some really high-end technology and are priced at $350 per iron.

The Epic and Epic Pro Irons feature the “Exo-Cage” system, first used in the Big Bertha OS Irons, to stiffen the body of the club which allows the clubface to absorb more load at impact.  This pushes the Coefficient of Restitution (COR – the measure of how much energy is transferred from the clubface to the ball at impact) in the 3-7 irons right up against the limit imposed by the USGA, the first time Callaway has achieved this in so many irons in a set.  The hosel in the Epic Irons has also been hollowed out, which allows the 20 grams of weight that was removed to be repositioned within the head to enhance stability.  Inside the head, a steel-tungsten alloy is welded in to precisely locate the Centre of Gravity lower and more toward the toe in the long irons which increases launch angle and forgiveness.  In the short irons, the CG is pushed up the face to provide more spin and ability to work the ball.  The Epics and Epic Pros also contain Callaway’s 360 Face Cup technology which increases ballspeed on off-centre hits, especially lower on the face where most mishits occur. The Epic Pro irons are built with the same chassis, internal weighting scheme, and Face Cup as the Epics but feature a slimmer top line and sole, weaker lofts (see spec charts below), and a smaller head.

The Epic Hybrids utilize ultra- light triaxial carbon in the crown, which is significantly lighter than steel, and reposition the saved weight to increase MOI and lower the CG for an easier launch and straighter trajectory.  Under the face is Callaway’s “Hyper Speed” Face Cup which is made of 455 forged stainless steel and acts to improve ball speed on mishits.  The ultra-premium body frame positions weight around the perimeter of the face to increase forgiveness and, like the Irons, include a precision molded piece of tungsten inside the head which gives the Epic Hybrid the same low-deep CG usually found in non-adjustable hybrids.

Epic and Epic Pro Irons – $350/Iron (steel shaft)

Epic Hybrids – $380/Club