Let’s Talk Training Aids: Orange Whip Wedge and Impact Snap! Device


Orange Whip Wedge

The original Orange Whip is one of our favourite training aids and is often seen on the ranges of professional tours.  The device consists of a flexible shaft with a counterweight in the grip and a weighted orange ball where the clubhead would normally be.  It helps with balance, rhythm, sequence, and forces the player to power the swing with their body rather than their hands.  The newly-released Orange Whip Wedge, which was developed in concert with renowned short game instructor Stan Utley, uses the same flexible, counterbalanced shaft but replaces the orange ball with a 56° wedge head so that the player can actually hit shots with it (click for video).  We have tested it out and we think that combining the benefits of the original Orange Whip with the ability to hit live shots will really help our customers practice and play their best.  Watch the video below for more information.

Orange Whip Wedge (36″, 56°, RH/LH)-  $149

Original Orange Whip (available in Full Size, Mid Size, Compact, and Junior) – $139

Impact Snap!

While every swing is unique to some extent, essentially every successful golfer looks fairly similar at impact – the lead wrist is bowed toward the target, the back of the lead hand is more or less square to the target, and the lead arm is extended with the trail arm nearing full extension.  While this is easy enough to talk about, it can be difficult for instructors to impart what this feels like to the player.  The Impact Snap! Device takes the conversation out of it by using sound and feel to guide the players movements.

The device consists of a square handle with a guardrail and neon golf ball attached to the end closest to the body.  Inside of the handle is a sliding weight which slides up and down as the player hinges and unhinges their wrists while making a “snap” sound.  The player swings the device back until they hear the first “snap”, meaning they have correctly hinged their wrists and are in good rhythm.  From here, the player swings down and tries to prevent the second “snap” from occurring until their hands have passed where the ball would normally sit on the ground.  While doing so, they also move their wrists in a way that makes the golf ball on the guardrail hit the inside of their trail forearm.  These two motions – delaying the wrist action until impact and making the guardrail hit the inside of the trail forearm when that action occurs – ensure that the player is in an excellent position to hit the ball solid and square.  The Impact Snap! is compact and can be used anywhere – inside your living room, on the range, or in the parking lot before a round – making it a great tool to improve your swing.

As mentioned above, its easier to see this motion than it is to tell it so check out the video below, see Rob demonstrate it on our instagram page, or come see us in the shop to see how the Impact Snap! can help your game.

Impact Snap! Device (RH/LH) – $139