TourLock Pro and Opti-Vibe Shaft Weighting System

Counterbalancing clubs has been popular for some time, especially with tour players, for the stability it provides and the ability to easily adjust swing weight. It has usually been accomplished by wrapping lead tape under the grips or placing a weight in the butt end of the club.  The problem with this process is that it is neither consistent, permanent, nor precise.  It is also limited in the ability to move weight up and down the shaft itself.  TourLock Pro Counterbalance and Opti-Vibe Shaft Weights solve all of these issues and we are excited to now offer these products at Ted & Dave Custom Golf.

TourLock Pro weights are the counterweights placed in the butt end of the grip and Opti-Vibe are the internal weights placed within the shaft itself which can be moved up and down the shaft to suit the individual needs of each player and each club.  There are various weights of each (see pricing table below) and we are able to offer each system for every club in the bag.  We are able to install TourLock Pro and Opti-Vibe in your current set of clubs or in new sets ordered from us.

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Read More on the TourLock Website.

The prices below are for the weights only.

If you would like to be custom fit for TourLock Pro or Opti-Vibe weights there is a fee of $75/per half hour in addition to the cost of weights.

  • TourLock Pro - Full Swing
  • $8 per Club
  • $10 per Club
  • $12 per Club
  • $13 per Club
  • TourLock Pro - Putter
  • $15 per Club
  • $17 per Club
  • $19 per Club
  • Opti-Vibe Shaft Weights - Full Swing
  • $12 per Club
  • Opti-Vibe Shaft Weights - Putter
  • $15 per Club
  • $17 per Club
  • $19 per Club