• MP-18 – Muscleback Blade/3-PW/Dynamic Gold S300 (RH Only)
  • MP-18 SC – Split Cavity/3-PW/KBS Tour Steel (RH/LH)
  • MP-18 MMC – Multimaterial Split Cavity/4-PW/Nippon Modus 120 Steel (RH Only)
  • MP-18 MMC FLI-HI – Multimaterial Split Cavity/2-5/KBS C Taper Lite (RH Only)
  • $187.50/Club (all models – Steel/Graphite)

Mizuno‘s newest line of Irons, the MP-18‘s, have been released to the public and are now at Ted & Dave Custom Golf for fitting.  These gorgeous irons come in four different models, each with unique characteristics to suit certain golfers or for certain parts of a single players set.  In fact, Mizuno had split sets in mind when designing these irons and as such each of the four models are meant to fit within a set together with minimal difference in aesthetics, swingweight, and yardage gapping.  As always at Ted & Dave’s, we sell clubs individually rather than in sets, which allows our customers to purchase a split set of irons to perfectly suit their game (rather than leaving their 3 and 4 irons in the garage).

The classic muscleback blade MP-18 is the flagship iron of the line and offers the traditional blade look along with great feel and workability.  It has a slightly wider sole and more compact head than its predecessor, which makes it more forgiving without sacrificing the look at address.  It is composed of 1025E pure carbon steel.  The MP-18 is available in 3-PW (RH Only) and the stock shaft is the Dynamic Gold S300.  The MP-18 SC (Split Cavity) has a slightly longer blade and thicker topline than the MP-18 but is more forgiving with a sweet spot that is about 11% larger.  The SC is available in 3-PW and the stock shaft is the KBS Tour Steel.

The  MP-18 MMC and the MP-18 MMC FLI-HI are a split cavity which use multi material construction (hence MMC).  The MMC has the same sole width as the SC but due to the use of Tungsten and Titanium weighting it is able to achieve similar launch conditions with slightly stronger lofts which results in less spin.  The MMC is available in 4-PW (RH Only) and the stock shaft is the Nippon Modus 120 steel.  The MMC FLI-HI employs multi material construction as well.  It has a thin maraging steel face and a 20 gram Tungsten weight placed in the body to create a deep and forgiving centre of gravity which results in higher launch and steeper landing angles to help hold greens on long approaches.  Mizuno is calling the MMC FLI-HI a Direct Long-Iron Replacement (DLR) and as such it is available in 2-5 (RH Only).  The stock shaft is the KBS C Taper Lite.

Each model is the same price – $187.50 per club and as always with Mizuno, every grip and shaft in their catalog is available for no upcharge.

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MP-18 Spec Chart

MP-18 SC Spec Chart

MP-18 MMC Spec Chart

MP-18 MMC FLI-HI Spec Chart