• 718 AP1 – 4-PW, 48°, 53°/True Temper AMT Red (Steel)/MCA Tensei Pro Red AMC (Graphite)
  • 718 AP2 – 3-PW, 50°/True Temper AMT Tour White
  • 718 AP3 – 3-PW, 48°/True Temper AMT Black
  • 718 CB – 2-PW/Project X LZ
  • 718 MB – 3-PW/Project X
  • 718 T-MB – 2-PW, 50°/Project X PXi

Titleist‘s newest generation of irons – the 718‘s – is now at Ted & Dave Custom Golf and we are excited to start fitting our customers for them.  Titleist has improved on its existing family of irons and introduced a completely new line in the AP3.  With now 6 different types of irons, there is something for everyone here and we suspect many people will end up creating split sets using different models.

The newest iron is the AP3 which is meant to bridge the gap between the game improvement AP1 and the split-cavity tour model AP2 (AP1 + AP2 = AP3).  It combines the forgiveness of the AP1 with the distance and more compact profile of the AP2, with the goal being what Titleist calls “playable distance”.  What this means essentially is that longer distance is achieved without sacrificing spin and thus the ability to hold greens and work the ball.  The AP3 is ideal for the player who likes the look of a compact iron but who requires a bit more forgiveness.  The AP3 is available in 4-PW and a 48° wedge and the stock shaft is the True Temper AMT Black.

The AP1 also received some reworking.  It now offers a progressive design (click for diagram), with the long irons being a hollow body with the Centre of Gravity being moved low and back to help with launch.  The mid and short irons have an undercut cavity which provides better control.  The stock shafts are the True Temper AMT Red in steel and the MCA Tensei Pro Red AMC in graphite.

As for the AP2, CB, MB, and T-MB the changes in the 718 models are more evolution than revolution.  In all of these lines, the CG locations have become more progressive (higher on the face for short irons, lower on the face for long irons) in order to smooth out the trajectory through each set.  The use of Tungsten weighting has been refined and the pre-worn leading edges improved.  The Ascending Mass Technology (see graph below) used in the shafts for the 716 AP2 has been extended to the new AP1, AP2, and AP3 models.  As for stock shafts, in the AP2 it’s the True Temper AMT Tour White, in the CB it’s the Project X LZ, in the MB it’s the Project X, and the T-MB comes stock with the Project X PXi.

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AMT Shaft Weight Graph

In the past most iron sets used shafts of the same weight through the set but with AMT the shafts are lighter in the long irons (for better launch and speed) and heavier in the short irons (for better control).