Our Golf Ball and Launch Monitor Testing Article

Do you know which ball works best for you?  Do you go through the golf season trying out the latest and greatest ball?  Did you try so many, you look back and say “I remember trying a sleeve of Ball X that was good, but I have tried so many I don’t remember which one?  Maybe I was just playing well that day.”?  I understand your struggles.  After fitting more than 800 golfers a year, “which golf ball should I be playing for my swing?” is one of the most frequently asked questions I hear.  Since we are a year-round outdoor facility in Canada, our range balls go through an extreme amount of wear and tear due to seasonal fluctuations in temperature.  The most common comment I hear is “Oh, those are just Range balls, how much yardage do I expect to lose?”  After spending a lot of time talking with golfers about different balls, I thought I would do my own test.