The Holiday season has arrived and Ted & Dave Custom Golf is here to help you shop for the golfer in your life.  In addition to the tried and true Gift Certificate we have some great items in stock at a variety of price points.  From stocking stuffers like the Silo Club Carrier to gifts such as the ImpactSnap and Tour Striker training aids or a Limited Edition PING Putter we have you covered this year!

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Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates from Ted & Dave’s are a great way to make sure your golfer gets exactly what they want.  Available in any denomination and can be used toward anything we sell (clubs, fitting time, merchandise, repairs, etc).

Alignment Sticks

Alignment sticks are extremely versatile training aids that, in addition to helping aim at targets during practice, can be used for a multitude of uses and drills.  A staple on the ranges of the professional tours.


Silo Club Carrier

The Silo Club Carrier is great for taking a few clubs to the range or walking a quick 9.  It holds up to 6 clubs and 3 tees and comes with a ball marker.


Bag Boy Backbone Travel Cover Support

The Bag Boy Backbone Travel Cover Support System is a great way to protect your golf clubs while traveling.  The device has three telescoping sections which allows it to fit in most travel bags and still collapse down for easy storage.


Golf Towels

A great stocking stuffer.  We have them in solid colours as well as some fun graphic designs.


Stick It Magnetic Rangefinder Strap

We came across these on a recent golf trip and decided we needed to get some in for our customers.  Strap your rangefinder in and then Stick It to your cart for easy access during play.


Orange Whip, Wedge, and Putting Wand

The original Orange Whip is a great tool for training proper tempo, sequence, and balance during the golf swing.  The Orange Whip Wedge uses the same counterweighted flexible shaft as the original but takes it to the next level by replacing the “orange” with a wedge head that allows you to hit actual chip shots.  The Putting Wand is similar except that it incorporates a weighted putter head with a curved face to help work on striking the ball right on the sweet spot.  Click here to read more or view product video.

Orange Whip – $139

Orange Wedge – $149

Putting Wand – $119

Tour Striker Training Clubs

Tour Striker training clubs are designed with a smaller clubface and without any grooves below the sweet spot.  Practising with the Tour Striker helps the player consistently find the sweet spot on the clubface using a descending blow and with the correct amount of forward shaft lean at impact.  Available in PW or 7 iron (RH only).


ImpactSnap Device

One of our favourite tools for training hand and wrist motion through impact.  This one is great for winter practise as it can be used indoors and allows the player to improve their technique without worrying about ballflight.  Click here to read more or view product video.


Limited Edition PING Putters

We have a few different limited edition putters from PING that would make a great, premium gift for golf enthusiasts or collectors.  The Camo Ketsch putters use PING’s popular mallet head but incorporate high resolution RealTree Xtra (brown) and Moonshine Muddy Girl (pink) camouflage designs.  The 50th Edition Anser putter is cast from the original molds used to build the iconic putter back in the Solheim’s garage and was hand ground by current PING CEO John Solheim.  Only 1550 of these collectors items were produced and we are proud to offer one for our customers.

Camo Ketsch Putters – $399  (Click Here to Read More)

50th Edition Anser – $1175 (Click Here to Read More)