Leading Edge Golf Weekly Roundup – 3/25

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Well now, if the last few weeks haven’t perfectly encapsulated spring in the foothills of the Rockies I don’t know what would.  18 degrees followed by 18 cm of snow would be head spinning if it weren’t completely normal for Calgary.  At least it was an excuse to watch March Madness.  How are your brackets holding up, by the way?

On the PGA Tour, Peter Malnati broke through for his first win since 2015.  Peter received a ruling late in the round that allowed him to move his ball from rough to fringe when his stance put him on a sprinkler head.  Contrary to popular belief, the rules of golf are not completely out to get us.

Nelly Korda got it done in a playoff on the LPGA Tour in extremely difficult conditions as the wind was humming at over 65 KM/H.  It was Nelly’s tenth win of her career and she moves into No. 1 in the world rankings.  Nelly Korda is looking more and more like the star of the future in the women’s game.

Hit the Links!

Two early of Masters news items.  First, we have Jon Rahm’s Basque-themed Champions Dinner menu and it sounds delightful.  Also on the menu (for now), is an appearance by Tiger Woods who is currently listed in the field.

Golf Digest had this great video which outlines Scott Fawcett’s DECADE data-driven system for picking targets and general course strategy.  Your newsletter writer has used the DECADE program for the past few years and has found it provides really interesting, practical insight to help make decisions on course.  Now, if only Fawcett would make better decisions by not picking Twitter fights with anyone who @’s him.

BREAKING:  Christopher McDonald, aka Shooter McGavin said during a radio interview that Adam Sandler has showed him the first draft of Happy Gilmore 2.  Unfortunately it will not feature the late Carl Weathers or Bob Barker, but we are certainly interested.  The big question is, of course, would Happy have gone to LIV if they offered to pay for grandma’s house?

Thanks for reading, see you next week!