Leading Edge Golf Weekly Roundup – 6/17

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(After Rory ghosted the media after his final round on Sunday, your newsletter writer was apparently inspired to do the same so we apologize for arriving in your inbox a day late.)

Well that was a U.S. Open to remember!  An absolutely thrilling final round was filled with both wonderful shotmaking and critical mistakes.  It was everything you hope for from a U.S. Open.  Bryson DeChambeau opened the day with a three shot lead that Rory had turned into a two shot deficit by the back nine.  Rory then failed to make two par putts inside four feet with the one on 18 being a result of a particularly nervy stroke.  After punching out from under a tree, Bryson found himself 55 yards away in a bunker needing an up and down par to win.  He made the treacherous bunker shot look easy and calmly nailed the par putt for his second U.S. Open victory.  Rory was completely devastated as he watched it unfold from the scoring area and promptly left the Pinehurst grounds.

As for us, we are working hard on our new facility and we hope to share an opening date with you soon.  In the meantime, we will be sharing some previews into our social media channels so keep an eye out for those!

Hit the Links!

A Louisville golfer showed up to his member-guest in “Scottie style”.  We can only assume he and his partner were immediately handed the trophy.

Rising broadcasting start Johnson Wagner was out in the bunker on 18 trying to recreate Bryson’s shot when Bryson showed up to talk him through it.  Johnson hit it to a foot and Bryson handed him the U.S. Open trophy.

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