Leading Edge Golf Weekly Roundup – 5/21

What a classic May Long Weekend.  You get all excited, make tee times, plan bbqs, just to get rained on.  At least it's helping with the drought? At least there was golf on tv and the PGA Championship delivered.  A stacked leaderboard fought it out on Sunday before Xander Schauffele nailed a birdie on 18 to take home his first major.  Xander gets a lot of grief for no-showing in big moments despite his elite skill level but he showed some real resolve on Sunday at Valhalla.

Leading Edge Golf Weekly Roundup – 5/13

It's warming up here in Calgary and the trees are leafing out as it starts to feel like summer.  Unfortunately, the feeling of summer lately has also included the burning sensation of wildfire smoke in our nostrils as it did for a bit this weekend.  Here's hoping things don't get too bad this year.

Leading Edge Golf Weekly Roundup – 5/6

Look, I know it must have been tough finding out this newsletter is being written by a Canucks fan last week.  But with Vancouver set up to play Edmonton in the second round, we're on the same team now right? We have another Canadian winner on the PGA Tour as Taylor Pendrith managed to hold on to win the (absurdly named) CJ Cup Byron Nelson for his first victory.  Taylor made a move on Saturday when he made back to back eagles and after an up and down Sunday found himself on 18 with a chance to win. 

Leading Edge Golf Weekly Roundup – 4/29

Well, well, well.  Someone other than Scottie and Nelly won this weekend.  Now, did they both not play?  Yes.  But still!  We at least get to talk about someone else before their rampages through professional golf resume.

Leading Edge Golf Weekly Roundup – 4/22

The Tour roundup portion of this newsletter is getting repetitive.  Something something Scottie and Nelly win again something something.  Greatness, etc.  To a certain extent, the same player winning each week is a little, dare I say, boring.  But this is what a run of elite, elite golf looks like in the moment.  Nelly and Scottie are inevitable and that doesn't make for great competition but it does make history.  While they both lack the burning intensity of a young Tiger, the last player to go on a run anything like either of these, the level of play is similar.  Embrace it and enjoy.